PACE Sugar Land specializes in the care of schizophrenia. It’s important to realize that it’s a chronic condition without a cure. That said, our Sugar Land schizophrenia disorder therapy psychiatrist can help you manage the symptoms. Therefore, you regain a high quality of life. Moreover, we also offer anxiety therapy and behavioral health services for any further mental illness you may be dealing with.

What It’s Like to Have SchizophreniaSugar Land Schizophrenia Disorder Therapy and our Schizophrenia Disorder Psychiatrist.

If you believe that you or a loved one struggle with this condition, you probably experienced some hallucinations. You might have had episodes during which you felt that outside forces were trying to control you. It’s difficult to relate to others or focus on work. Following a train of thought can be an impossible task.

PACE Sugar Land specialists find that symptoms may not appear until the age of 30. Most importantly, the condition could run in families. When initial symptoms begin, many people may believe that they need anxiety therapy. However, a full psychiatric assessment after the first episode of psychosis makes diagnosis possible.

Working with a Sugar Land Schizophrenia Disorder Therapy Psychiatrist

The emphasis of therapy is to manage the condition. PACE Sugar Land experts combine several modalities. Examples include:

  • Family therapy, which assists loved ones with understanding how to support you
  • Social skills development as a way to feel comfortable around others and interact functionally
  • Coping skills development to help you function in stressful situations
  • One-on-one psychotherapy that focuses on thought pattern interpretation and change
  • Relapse education that alerts you to the warning signs of an impending episode

Medication-assisted treatment includes antipsychotic medicines. Some of these products can have side effects that keep people from taking them. Because it’s essential that you take the medications the way your specialist prescribes, s/he might try different kinds. You stick with the one that works well and doesn’t produce side effects you can’t handle during schizophrenia disorder therapy.

Because the medications help regulate neurotransmitter activity in the brain, it’s vital to stay on them. Similarly, there may be combinations of medications that boost the primary drug’s effectiveness. For example, you might combine antipsychotic medications with anti-anxiety products.

Cognitive Enhancement Therapy Offers Good Results

Your Sugar Land schizophrenia disorder therapy psychiatrist may introduce you to cognitive enhancement therapy. It’s talk therapy. In one-on-one sessions, you learn about trigger recognition and thought organization. It’s a powerful tool that helps you regain control over your mental functioning.

In group sessions, the modality encourages you to work on your ability to note social cues. You work with others to enjoy social interactions and become more comfortable in these settings. Group therapy also helps you practice some of the coping skills you developed. Therefore, it’s always a good choice to participate in these care approaches.

Looking Forward to Independent Living

Schizophrenia is one of the most debilitating psychiatric disorders. It can make it hard to maintain stable employment. Similarly, some adults fear living on their own. Because many wish to do so, however, there are self-help groups during your schizophrenia disorder therapy.

After intensive therapy and medication management, it’s a good option. You work with peers who also struggle with the condition. Similarly, you work with social service professionals who assist with vocational training. Combine the therapy with social recovery interventions.

These serve you to develop a positive outlook on life and self. After all, you have a lot to offer to others. Therefore, it makes sense that you shouldn’t consider your condition to be the determining factor of your life. Of course, before you can get there, you need to start working with a mental health professional.

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