According to the ADAA, less than half of the 40 million adults that struggle with anxiety in the United States receive help. As familiar as anxiety disorders are, very few get the high-quality care they need to overcome their mental disorder. Every Sugar Land anxiety therapy psychiatrist is ready to deliver optimal care towards your mental health journey.

What is Anxiety?

For the most part, everyone will experience a feeling of fear, worry, or apprehension at some point. Whether you worry about an upcoming event or have a specific fear, these emotions are normal. However, when an individual struggles with anxiety, they struggle with constant and overwhelming feelings of fear and worry without cause. For some, these emotions occur after a specific trigger but last much longer than average. For others, anxiety happens without any real justification.

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Once you have an understanding of what the disorder is, you can begin working with a Sugar Land anxiety therapy psychiatrist. They will help you to better educate yourself about your mental health and how to manage your anxiety healthily and productively.

Causes and Symptoms

Anxiety can stem from many factors including genetics, trauma, and brain chemistry. Feelings of anxiety have different symptoms such as:

  • Overthinking negative situations
  • Assuming the worst outcome
  • Social withdrawal
  • Constant fear and feelings of dread
  • Lack of self-esteem

Those suffering from these signs of anxiety may also be subject to physical symptoms. Anxiety patients commonly experience shortness of breath, difficulty sleeping, rapid heartbeat, or in extreme cases, choking. A Sugar Land anxiety therapy psychiatrist is ready to recognize these signs and provide effective therapy.

Sugar Land Anxiety Therapy Services

Anxiety is an all-encompassing condition to describe the various disorders associated with it. Our mental health professionals understand that no one patient is the same and that varying anxiety disorders exist. That’s why we provide therapeutic health and counseling services to manage:

  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder- GAD tends to be a consistent feeling of dread without any significant cause of explanation.
  • Panic Disorder- Individuals will experience an uncontrollable and often debilitating sense of fear.
  • Social Anxiety Disorder- This disorder makes forming and maintaining relationships with others difficult.
  • Specific Phobias- These are an intense fear of a particular object, situation, or animal.
  • Posttraumatic Stress Disorder- PTSD occurs after a significant traumatic event, often with triggers similar to the original event.

Patients meet with an experienced Sugar Land anxiety therapy psychiatrist who’s trained to address all behavioral issues thoroughly and thought patterns.

Help Starts at PACE Mental Health Sugar Land with a Sugar Land Anxiety Therapy Psychiatrist

If you or a loved one is struggling with anxiety or other mental health disorders, make the call for support today. With our flexible scheduling and short wait times, help is accessible to all adults and adolescents. To begin working with a Sugar Land anxiety therapy psychiatrist, call us today at (866) 413-3818 to make an appointment. Learn more about PACE Sugar Land to begin.