The term psychiatric evaluation sounds kind of scary. It isn’t, though, it is just the term used when you first see the therapist or visit the therapy center for your screening. A psychiatric evaluation will tell the evaluator what types of treatment will work best for you. This way you’re able to find the best psychiatric disorders treatment center in Sugar Land, TX.

What is a Psychiatric Evaluation? 

female mental health professional helps female patient with a psychiatric assessment and evaluationA psychiatric evaluation or assessment will diagnose you for any behavioral, emotional, or developmental disorders or conditions. During your evaluation, you will be asked a lot of questions. Remember, that these questions are being asked so that you can be served better in your treatment. Try to remain calm, and be as open and honest as you can during this time.

During a psychiatric assessment, you will be asked about:

  • Family history and personal history
  • Work, and current and past environments
  • Your development and medical history
  • Your emotional health
  • Any substance use or abuse history
  • What you think your strengths and weaknesses are

Once you and your psychiatrist, therapist, counselor, or team of assessors have gone over all of the information, they will come back to you with their assessment. From here they can recommend further behavioral health services. If they believe that you would do best to be in therapy and take psychiatric medicines, then that is what they will prescribe. Please note that only a psychiatrist may legally prescribe medications.

After Your Psychiatric Evaluation

Now that you have been diagnosed don’t think that there is a sign on your back saying that there is something wrong with you. Evaluation helps the professionals that are trying to help you better understand your needs. After your psychiatric assessment, your therapist or clinician will share your diagnosis with you. Additionally, you are always welcome to get a second opinion just like with any other type of medical evaluation.

Next, with guidance from clinicians, you can choose further treatment. Cookie-cutter care will be inadequate for lasting change. Thus, a quality mental health treatment center will work to design a program around your individual needs. The best therapy programs first work to alleviate the most severe mental health symptoms. Then, you can focus on learning the long-term coping skills and strategies that will help you maintain positive mental health.

Medication therapy management involves qualified psychiatrists who can prescribe psychiatric medication. Repeated sessions offer continuous psychiatric assessment, and your clinician can adjust dosage and medication when necessary. Medication has been shown to be effective in the treatment of many psychiatric disorders. For other psychiatric disorders, continued participation in a therapy program can help with symptom relief.

These psychiatric treatment programs can include:

One of the great things about treatment at a center for mental health is that you can easily access specialists in many fields. This means treatment is available for all of your needs. There are so many options out there that can help you get a handle on your life, don’t limit yourself to something that only works halfway. Try a few different techniques and see what you seem to respond to best.

PACE Sugar Land Can Help You

Don’t delay. Reaching out to a psychiatric treatment center will connect you with the help that you need. PACE Mental Health in Sugar Land, Texas, offers comprehensive psychiatric evaluations and will take you through the different types of treatment to find what helps you best. Give PACE Mental Health a call today to find out more at 866.413.3818.