For individuals suffering from a psychiatric disorder, taking the steps towards proper mental health may feel impossible to accomplish. At PACE Mental Health Sugar Land, it is our priority to make your journey to a renewed life of independence possible. We offer a variety of therapeutic health and counseling services that other ill-equipped establishments may lack.

Changing the Narrative about Getting Help

There is a culture of weakness and negativity that surrounds the nature of mental illness. Many individuals are socialized to feel ashamed of their conditions, which hinder their motivation to seek help. At PACE Mental Health Sugar Land, our professionals work against that stigma and provide patients with an accepting environment. Our therapeutic health and counseling services offer a safe space for growth.

Therapist and man discuss counseling services

Customized Therapeutic Health and Counseling Services

Here, at PACE Mental Health Sugar Land, we don’t provide a “one-size-fits-all” approach to your health care. Once patients have undergone a psychiatric evaluation and consultation, our health professionals tailor a unique care plan. This plan mixes individual and group counseling to maximize positive outcomes for our patients.

Part of our therapeutic health and counseling services include individual counseling that focuses on establishing a trusting relationship. While working with one of our licensed clinicians, patients uncover the underlying issues behind their mental disorder. A product of this relationship is developing coping strategies for continued stability.

Communication is a key skill in understanding yourself and others throughout your care and therapy programs. Our health professionals may implement group counseling sessions as part of a patient’s care plan. These sessions focus on opening up to peers and solving everyday problems. A support system is essential to continuing a healthy lifestyle post-care and maintaining healthy and crucial relationships outside of the clinic.

Whole-Patient Approach

Evidence-based research suggests that combining therapeutic health and counseling services with medication assisted treatment can be the blueprint to success for some patients. Medications work to ease withdrawal symptoms and maintain stabilization through psychotherapy services.

Through medication therapy management, pharmacists can closely monitor medication efficacy and dosage to ensure physical health. Length of care may vary according to patient’s needs. We work hard to ensure that each patient receives only what they need to reach success instead of over-prescribing unnecessary medications.

Help Us Help You

For adults and adolescents struggling with mental illness, the first step is to make the call. Make an appointment with our flexible scheduling and short wait times by calling PACE Mental Health Sugar Land at (866) 413-3818. Find out more about PACE Sugar Land and our available therapeutic health and counseling services today.