Are you looking for a Sugar Land dual diagnosis treatment facility? If you suffer substance use disorder with a co-occurring mental illness, you are not alone. Many people experience a dual diagnosis. One condition often leads to the other in a cycle of mental illness and self-medication.

Finding a Sugar Land dual diagnosis treatment facility for your healthier future is the right choice. Through this quality of care, you gain access to programs and services needed to get help for both of your conditions at once. In turn, this gives you a real chance for a better life.

What does Sugar Land Dual Diagnosis Treatment Facility Provide?Benefits of our Sugar land dual diagnosis treatment facility.

Only since the 1990s has the medical field understood the nature and needs of a dual diagnosis. It was in that decade that people with mental health disorders and co-occurring substance use disorder were finally understood. Doctors realized that one of this conditions often leads to the other, creating a cycle of mental illness and self-medication.

When you visit a Sugar Land dual diagnosis treatment facility, you gain this understanding. You also access the help you need to end the cycle. Through offered therapies, support, education and healthcare, you can enjoy a better future without active substance use or mental illness.

For example, common mental conditions in a dual diagnosis include:

  • Anxiety or panic disorder
  • Depressive or mood disorder
  • Delusional behavior
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder
  • Attention deficit disorder
  • Schizophrenia

Whatever your dual diagnosis conditions, your Sugar Land dual diagnosis treatment facility offers the help you need. No longer do you find yourself denied treatment for one condition while gaining help for the other. This means you do not fall into an endless cycle of one treated condition causing the other untreated one to relapse. Now, you go to one facility and gain an individualized treatment plan to tackle both problems at once.

What is Unique about Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

At your Sugar Land dual diagnosis treatment facility, you gain the highest quality of help for your psychiatric disorders and substance abuse. Your care includes help from clinicians with training and credentials in both types of care, for co-occurring mental health disorders.

Having depression or anxiety makes finding this help difficult. You struggle to break through the mental challenge of finding one clinic providing substance abuse and mental illness care at the same time. But this search is made easier when you consider PACE Sugar Land for your dual diagnosis treatment.

The good news is you are one of over four million adults in the U.S. who need this help. So you do not stand alone in your search or problems. This also means you gain high quality help that works, having been successfully provided to millions of people before you.

For your best chance of lasting wellness, you need a range of dual diagnosis services. Moreover, these services include:

Sugar Land Dual Diagnosis Care When You Need It

To start your dual diagnosis wellness program, contact PACE Sugar Land. PACE Sugar Land is a leading dual diagnosis program providing help for both of your co-occurring conditions at once. This help includes the therapies, education, support and programs you need for a better life.

Your struggle with co-occurring conditions ends with one simple phone call to PACE Sugar Land, a Sugar Land dual diagnosis treatment facility. Therefore, call 866-413-3818 now and prepare to start a better life with mental and physical wellness.