For some who struggles with their mental health, illicit substance abuse is their way to manage their symptoms. Once they begin seeking help for both issues, they need to stop their substance abuse. However, withdrawal for those suffering from opioid addiction can seem like a daunting obstacle to overcome. Without the proper steps, patients may experience relapse or dangerous outcomes. That’s why PACE Mental Health Sugar Land understands that suboxone treatment is a necessary step in your behavioral health plan.

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How can Suboxone Treatment Help?

A suboxone treatment combines buprenorphine and naloxone to treat opioid addiction and combat the side effects of withdrawal. This medication is either a tablet to swallow or a film to dissolve under the tongue. Suboxone begins to suppress the euphoric feelings of illicit drugs and helps to wean the patient off other opioids.

Many patients benefit from:

  • Diminished side effects
  • Subsided drug cravings
  • Stabilized mental and physical conditions
  • An improved transition back into society

As part of medication therapy management, our physicians will provide a comprehensive review of dosage, medication efficacy, costs, and side effects.

The Four Phases of Suboxone Treatment

The “induction phase” begins by introducing the medication to the patient at the lowest consumable dosage. This phase focuses on reducing opioid intake without causing dangerous side effects.

The following phase is the “stabilization phase,” which is characterized by subsided cravings and side effects. Once there’s a reduction in withdrawal symptoms, adjustments to dosage may occur.

During them “maintenance phase,” patients continue to seek medication-assisted treatment coupled with behavioral care. Patients may taper off their suboxone intake to reduce dependency and prevent relapse.

In the final “improvement phase,” patients may participate in an aftercare program that encourages ongoing therapy. This phase assists in transitioning them back into society. Duration of each stage may vary.

Essential Behavioral Counseling

Many patients suffering from a substance abuse disorder may have underlying psychiatric conditions, as well. That’s why a suboxone treatment alone cannot provide effective whole-patient care. It’s known that therapeutic health and counseling services can improve results. Through individual and group counseling, patients have access to the support they need to confront their mental health issues.

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