PACE Mental Health Sugar Land offers a whole-patient approach to patient healthcare by mixing behavioral services with medication assisted treatment. Patients exposed to counseling and psychological support along with this program can expect to see improvement in their mental health.

Benefits of Medication Assisted Treatment

Medication assisted treatment (MAT) tends to be for individuals with alcohol addiction, opioid/opiate addiction, and stimulant addiction. Patients suffering from substance abuse disorders are subject to varying benefits of MAT:

  • Reduced side effects of withdrawal
  • Improved stability of motor functions
  • Reduced substance cravings
  • Greater likelihood of positive birth outcome among pregnant women
doctor discusses medication assisted treatment

Physicians most commonly prescribe a Suboxone treatment to combat opioid addiction. In the earliest stages, physicians phase in the drug in a process called “induction” to gauge the necessary dosage. Suboxone helps patients reduce the discomfort of withdrawal and cravings.

MAT is a Supplement, not a Substitute

To fulfill a patient’s full range of needs, medication assisted treatment should only serve as a supplement in their care plan. At PACE Mental Health Sugar Land, our physicians don’t offer a blanket solution for everyone. We value a team-based approach that addresses all areas of development. This is why we combine our services to provide a full continuum of care to each of our patients.

The medical professionals on our team will determine which patients require MAT instead of prescribing unnecessary medications. Constant monitoring and evaluating helps us to decide which medication is necessary and the dosage amount. We only use this option for those who need it, never for those who don’t.

Through our therapeutic health and counseling services, patients are encouraged to confront negative thought patterns and actions. Additionally, group counseling sessions enable problem-solving skills and coping strategies. A medication assisted treatment plan alone cannot provide patients with the same focus in these areas.

A dual diagnosis offers support to those with overlapping psychiatric disorders and substance abuse disorders. Because the care for these conditions is considered different, we often overlook them. Fortunately, our clinic offers parallel aid for both mental illness and addiction.

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At PACE Mental Health Sugar Land, adults and adolescents struggling with their mental health receive a new lease on life. Whether you need therapy services or medication assisted treatment, we provide the professional help and support you need to take control of your life. To learn how to begin and for more information about PACE Sugar Land, reach out today. Call (866) 413-3818 to speak with a team member and make an appointment.