The symptoms of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, or OCD, can be debilitating. They can include excessive worry and obsessive behavior. If you struggle with OCD, PACE Sugar Land can help. Our Sugar Land mental health treatment center offers multiple treatment options proven to help you overcome the symptoms of OCD. We can teach you the skills you need to manage your illness successfully. Stop worrying and start living the life you want with help from our OCD treatment center.

Our Approach to OCD Treatment

Effective Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder treatment (OCD) begins with an acknowledgment that your life may be a bit unmanageable.  Symptoms from OCD can quickly take over your life. They can even drive you to drink or use drugs to cope. If you display any of these severe symptoms, you will benefit from the treatment we offer at our integrated treatment center.

At PACE Sugar Land, you will receive ongoing emotional encouragement and reinforcement in your efforts to accept your disorder and begin exploring healthier ways to experience your emotions.

If your obsessive-compulsive symptoms exist alongside an addiction to drugs or alcohol, we can also address these issues and find the right treatment for your condition. Our adult psychiatric services can help you return to your normal routine, free from the obsessions and compulsions that plague you.

An OCD Treatment Center Can Help

woman in an ocd treatment center works on identifying triggers during therapyPACE combines a wide range of treatments to help you with OCD symptoms. These can include:

Holistic Treatment for Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Through holistic treatment, you can explore ways to become more mindful of your feelings. Our OCD treatment program addresses the entirety of your being, including your mind, body, and spirit.

You receive coaching and reinforcement in key areas of interpersonal skills. One of the benefits of treatment at PACE Sugar Land is that you will realize you are not alone in experiencing OCD symptoms and the disruptions they cause in your life. This eases some of the stigmas you may feel about mental health, and also helps you open up to support that can change your life.

What You Can Expect During OCD Treatment

At our OCD treatment center in Sugar Land, TX, we treat all aspects of your disorder. Our collaborative approach involves professional therapists and clinicians who work together to help you find the right treatment. Your therapy plan is adapted for your needs. At no point during treatment will you receive cookie-cutter care.

A psychiatric evaluation for OCD helps our doctors determine the best course for you. Then, we can help get you started on a medication management plan to relieve the most severe OCD symptoms. Then, you can work on long-term coping skills and healthy strategies to deal with the stress and anxiety from the disorder. Your experience at PACE Sugar Land will help you develop resources you can use to help you live free of your obsessions and compulsions.

Our supportive team offers continuous feedback and reinforcement as you learn to employ new tools in situations where you would have previously turned to obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors. As you gain confidence in your ability to make productive choices, you experience improved self-esteem, body acceptance, reduced stress and anxiety, healing of trauma, and increased self-awareness.

Contact PACE Sugar Land Today to Start Your Treatment

If you are tired of being controlled by worry and anxiety, then now is the time to act. Contact PACE Sugar Land today to find out more about our OCD treatment center. Our professionals can get you started with the right program. Call us at 866.413.3818 for a consultation.