This woman is learning CBT techniques.

CBT Techniques

CBT techniques come from cognitive behavioral therapy. This is an evidence-based approach that helps you restructure your thinking. It also empowers you to move forward toward substance abuse recovery. Cognitive behavioral therapy techniques include a wide range of methods designed to individualize your treatment. Some of these techniques, which you’ll encounter during cognitive behavioral therapy…

woman struggles to sleep before finding a cognitive behavioral therapy or cbt program for insomnia

CBT for Insomnia

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia – often called “CBT for insomnia” or “CBT-I,” – is a method for treating insomnia without the use of sleeping pills. CBT changes sleep habits and scheduling factors, as well as misconceptions about sleep and insomnia that perpetuate sleep difficulties. CBT for insomnia is a safe and effective means of…

man is contemplating the question am i bipolar as he experiences symptoms of bipolar disorder

Am I Bipolar?

Bipolar disorder is a common mental health disorder. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, almost 6 million adults across the United States have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. You may have identified some concerns about a loved one struggling with undiagnosed mental health disorders. Or, you may be asking yourself, “Am I Bipolar?”…

Sugar Land Psychiatrists to Speak to

Sugar Land Psychiatrists You Can Trust

How do you find the mental health care you need? Entrusting your care to dedicated Sugar Land psychiatrists is an excellent decision. You benefit from their expertise and approach to care. What does therapy at a clinic typically look like? Visiting Sugar Land Psychiatrists for the First Time Top psychiatrists in Sugar Land TX understand…